Walks of Life Series

The Walks of Life Series was born out of a desire to take up more sketching + drawing again, coupled with the intrigue of learning from the walks of others’ experiences.

The series includes 3 photos from eleven different participants’ walks of life. The participants could choose to incorporate his/her feet in either the normal or spontaneous experiences of life. The choice was left to them. Some chose to depict daily rhythms of life, while others chose vacation or travel spots. The wonder lives in both perspectives as the viewer tries to determine the type of person embodying each walk of life.

This series is ‘on-going’ until completion. Each participant will receive 3 original 8 x 8″ sketches as a thank you for taking part in the Walks of Life Series. These sketches will be free for them, as a way to acknowledge the weight of importance of their stories, as dignifying their steps by taking time to reflect on their journeys matters.

Updates on this series can be found infrequently on Instagram @peakoneart. Some of the sketches will be displayed at Hunter Bay Coffee Shop in Olde Town Arvada in August 2019.