About Peak One Art Studio

Peak One Art Studio takes its name from the Peak 1 trail in the Ten Mile Range in Summit County, Colorado. It is the artist’s favorite Colorado hike, for many reasons. It is a place where life’s trials + joys collide every time she sets foot on the trail. Much like tree blazes on hiking trails that mark the way to go, Summit County’s Lake Dillon and its surrounding mountain ranges have been that blaze for her. It is in that small pocket of earth where she has been led to embrace the throes of life, and where God has revealed Himself most beautifully + clearly, since her memorable visit in the winter of 2004.

Peak 1 symbolizes the triumph of overcoming, the celebration of beauty, and the willingness to embrace the journey. Peak One Art Studio seeks to provide similar joy for future clients as they consider what blazes of life are worth commemorating through art + design.

The Studio focuses on wood burned pieces of outdoor landscapes, but is open to sharing stories beyond the earthy blazes of mountainscapes. Other mediums will be explored, but wood burning will always remain the heartbeat of the Studio as the slow + therapeutic techniques continue to inform the deeper meanings of the creative process.

*The Peak One Art Studio logo artistically depicts Peak 1, with grain lines running through the shape of the mountain to capture the wood burning focus of the studio. The font is the National Park Typeface, designed by Design Outside Studio and made for “the people, just as the National Parks were made for the people too.” The font mimics the trail signs across America’s national parks that have letters carved, or routed, into the wood. Being that Peak One Art Studio is all for depicting the blazes + trails of life (figuratively + literally) that hold significant meaning, the font seemed perfectly fitting.

About the Artist

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee in the Appalachian Mountain region, Dana has always known the mountains to be a place of fun exploration, solace + peace. Since moving west in 2016, the Rockies have won her heart and Denver has become home. She enjoys gleaning creative inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding peaks and southwestern landscapes beyond.